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DSM/EVO Shootout

25th annual DSM/EVO/GTR shootout at Summit Raceway Park, Norwalk, OH.  Presented by Buschur Racing

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W e l d i n g

TIG (4 Machines)
Pulsed Tig
MIG (2 Machines)
Pulsed MIG
Stick (4 Machines)

F a b r i c a t i o n

Intercooler Piping
Turbo Systems
Exhaust Systems
Intake/Exhaust Manifolds
Equipment Repairs
Steel Structures

M a c h i n e   S h o p   S e r v i c e s

HAAS VF2 3 Axis CNC machining
HAAS VF3 3 Axis CNC machining
HAAS VF3SS with 4 Axis Trunnion Table
Precision Matthews 14 x 40 Manual Lathe
CAD/CAM - Autodesk Fusion 360

P r i v a t e   L a b e l   P a r t s

Exhaust/Intake Components
Machined Parts
Custom Engraving

O t h e r   S e r v i c e s

Metal Cutting
Sheetmetal Bending
Plasma Cutting
Rotary Draw Tube Bending  (up to 2" OD x .083-.134 wall)
Anodizing (outside service)
Powdercoating (outside service)
Ceramic Coating (outside service)

H o u r l y   R a t e s

Welding & Fabrication $80.00
Welding of Exotic Metals (Titanium & Inconel) $100.00
Design & Drafting $80.00
Custom CNC Machining $100.00
Production Machining Email

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