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25th annual DSM/EVO/GTR shootout at Summit Raceway Park, Norwalk, OH.  Presented by Buschur Racing

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   JM Fabrications is a leader in design and manufacturing of performance parts for the motorsports industry.  JMF currently produces parts for the DSM/EVO community as well as many other import/sport compact and domestic markets.  JMF specializes in motorsports fabrication such as custom turbo/intercooler systems, exhaust systems, roll cage and chassis work, intake and exhaust manifold production.  Our company thrives on its ability to accommodate its clients needs.  Customer satisfaction is our number one goal!

   JMF was founded in 2004 by Jim McKeone Jr. as a part time fab shop in a small 10' x 15' residential garage.  During his spare time Jim put his welding and sheet metal skills to use on his own DSM.  Word spread quickly and before he knew it Jim was working on local customer cars.  

   In early 2005 JMF moved out of the small residential garage and into a slightly larger 30' x 40' pole barn.  Still just a part time gig Jim would work all day at his full time job just to support his habit of making sparks and bending metal at night.  As the months went on the need for motorsports related fabrication in the area increased and once again Jim found himself in need of more equipment and most importantly more space.  By late 2005 Jim signed the lease on his first commercial building, a 5,000 Sq/Ft building with plenty of space and power.  At that point Jim knew it was time to make an important career move.  Through his experience on the track and in the shop Jim turned his art of race car fabrication into a full-time occupation.

   As JMF grew the need for cutting edge equipment and additional help was inevitable.  In 2006 JMF purchased their first CNC machine along with a few high tech welding machines.  Shortly after the first of JMF's elite fabrication team was established and the production began.  As the years went on JMF's positive reputation grew and the demand for JMF performance parts spread globally.

  In 2008 the success of JMF again found the crew in need of more shop space.  In July of 2008 Jim moved the company into a brand new state of the art 6,400 Sq/Ft facility located in Harleysville, PA just outside of Philadelphia.  This new building has it all, professional office space, beautiful landscaping, drive-in and loading dock doors, and lots of power.  

 Welcome to 2010, where once again JMF has outgrown it's current location!  By now the JMF crew was pretty good at moving shop and completed this latest move in just 3 days!  They now occupy an 7,500 Sq/Ft facility located in the heart of a small friendly town called Sellersville.  This historic town from the 1700's consists of several famous sites such as the "Washington House", once visited by George Washington himself, and the "Sellersville Theater"....all in walking distance from JMF!

   Our mission statement:

"To provide the highest quality products possible through our skilled employees and state-of-the-art manufacturing process, simply put; Build it like it's going on your own car!"

    The Shop:


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